Contribution of Dr. Jin-Shan Wang to NMR society in China and USA


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang is the founder of “J S Research, Inc.” He has been worked with NMR for more than 44 years. He developed very strong background in NMR theory and received a lot of experience of NMR experiment and production.


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang was invited to Beijing Analytical Instrument Factory in 1970 to direct the research and manufacture of NMR spectrometer. This factory produced the first Chinese NMR spectrometer in 1974. It was a 60 MHz 5 mm 1H Continuing Wave spectrometer using electric magnet.


During that time Dr. Jin-Shan Wang edited a first book about NMR technology in China: “ NMR spectrometer and application”, which is published by Chinese Academy Press in 1974.


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(“NMR spectrometer and application” and “NMR spectrometer and Experimental Technique” edited by Dr. Jin-Shan Wang)



Dr. Jin-Shan Wang was invited by Chinese Academy of Sciences to organize and teach twice Nationwide NMR courses in 1977 and 1979 in Beijing Normal University. These are the first time Nationwide NMR course in China and introduced Modern NMR technologies to China. More than 300 students attended these courses. These students became 1980’s new generation of NMR specialists in China and worked everywhere in institutes and Universities.


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(The students who attended the national NMR course in 1977 gave Dr. Jin-Shan Wang a gift: a notebook)


Based on these courses Dr. Jin-Shan Wang wrote the second book about NMR technologies “ NMR spectrometer and Experimental Technique”, which is published in 1982 by Chinese Mechanical Industry Press”. Right now, this book is still an important reference book for graduate students in NMR field.

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(Drs. Jin-Shan Wang and Tian-Juan Wang were attending a NMR conference in Japan in 1980)


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang with other colleagues: Tian-Juan Wang,( Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yi-Qiu Wang ( Beijing University)and Xue-Wen Wu ( Eastern China Normal University) together established “Magnetic Resonance (Named: Radio-frequency Spectroscopy) Committee” under  the “Chinese Society of Physics” in 1979 in Beijing. Dr. Jin-Shan Wang was in charged as executive secretary to organize the first (1980) and second (1982) Chinese Magnetic Resonance Conference in Beijing. Now this conference is a most important regular conference in NMR society in China.


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Dr. Jin-Shan Wang and Nobel Laureate Dr. Richard R. Ernst at the 25th ENC in 1984)


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang has been worked for a long time in several Universities and research institutes in China and in USA to teach the NMR courses for graduate students and conducted them to do research on many NMR projects. He has more than 30 publications in this field with many projects as 2D-NMR, DNP, Relaxation, RF coil design, NMR magnetometer, ESR ------.


From 1988 to 1994 Dr. Jin-Shan Wang worked in “Doty Scientific, Inc.” for six years. This is an only company specialized on research and manufacture of NMR probes. During this period Dr. Jin-Shan Wang not only developed some products, also, he received some experiences in managing business and opening market.


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(Left: A picture of Dr. Jin-Shan Wang is repairing a NMR probe painted by Dr. Shao-Xiong Wu; Right: Dr. Jin-Shan Wang is in the J S Research booth at ENC)


Based on the achievement above, Dr. Jin –Shan Wang established a company “J S Research, Inc.” in 1995 in Boston USA.  In the past 19 years this company has developed own products and own market. Most of business is doing customized special NMR probes and repair and modification of used probes. Most of customers are very satisfied and pleased with JSR products and services. This company already has very good reputation:

     Harvard University Said: “Dr. Wang did excellent job”;

     MIT Said: “The probe works beautifully”;

     NIH said: “This is a terrific outstanding job”;

     John Hopkins University said: “The probe is as good as new”;

     University of Illinois said: “Thanks very much for your high 

        degree of skill and knowledge in repairing probes for us”.

     University of Colorado said: “He is the best”


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang came to USA in 1983 and started attending ENC from 1984 to 25th ENC in Wilmington, Delaware. After that he continually attended ENC for 30 years without stop to this year 55th ENC in Boston. Also, the “J S Research, Inc. “ company became a regular exhibiter and sponsor in ENC every year started from 1996.


Dr. Jin-Shan Wang with other colleagues: Dr. Shaoxiong Wu, Dr. Shengtian Yang, Dr. Jun Xu and Dr. Qing Ning together established “Oversea Chinese Magnetic Resonance Association” (OCMRA) in 1996 in Asilomar, California during ENC. Later in 2012 the name has been changed to “OCMRS” and registered in Boston as a nonprofit organization in 2013. This organization has activities as Monday Lunch and Wednesday night event during the ENC every year.


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(Dr. Jin-Shan Wang and former OCMRS presidents Dr. Yu-Feng Wei (Left 2nd) and Dr. Shao-Xiong Wu (Right 1st), and currently president Dr. Yi-Qiao Song (Right 2nd) at the 55th ENC in 2014.


The leaders of this organization are:

   Dr. Shao-Xiong Wu was first president 1996-2003;

   Dr. Yu-Feng Wei was second president 2003-2009;

   Dr. Yi-Qiao Song is third and currant president 2009---


From beginning until now, Dr. Jin-Shan Wang is a strong continuing supporter and sponsor of this organization all the time. Also, he supported and sponsored the second president Dr. Wei to organize local OCMRA meeting in New York every year from 2003 to 2008.


(OCMRS honored Dr. Jin-Shan Wang the “Outstanding Contribution Award of 2013”)


In recognition of Dr. Jin-Shan Wang’s significant and continuous contributions, OCMRS honored him the “Outstanding Contribution Award of 2013”) at the 54th ENC in 2013. Furthermore, OCMRS established “Jinshan Research Excellence Award” at the 55th ENC in 2014. OCMRS will award 2-3 students or postdocs who have made outstanding progress in the field of magnetic resonance. The prize is $300 per awardee.


Edited by Dr. Yaqiang Wang in 2014.